We have been present in the audiophile market for more than ten years, at first as hobbyists and now as a manufacturing and trading company. After the years of research we found out that the quality of audio cables is not only affected by such obvious aspects as the kind of conductor, weave, screen and the composition of raw material but also by the filtration of a signal. That is why the unique filters have been developed in our Laboratory.


Audiomica Laboratory boasts six lines of cables designed for audio-video purposes, ranging from low-end through hi-fi to high-end. The series in order of prestige (starting with the most advanced):

– Consequence Series

– Ultra Reference Series

– Excellence Series

– Red Series (Reference)

– Gray Series (Transparent)

– Black Series (Gold)

All of our products are repeatedly tested and well reviewed getting numerous rewards and awards (such as „Product of the Year”, „Best Buy”, „Editor Choice”), what proves their premium worksmanship as well as the top-notch sound quality which will complement a good high end audio system.