When we discovered that audio system quality has a dramatic impact on the emotional experience through recorded music, a life long fascination with audio was born. We believe that once the whole audio chain becomes transparent, the work of the artists can be enjoyed in full, with its original intention. This total clarity inspires both the artists and the listeners.

We are convinced that audio playback quality can be improved by striving for perceptual neutrality, using a scientific approach. With this vision, we build the entire audio chain, “from sound to sound”. We aim for an overall concept, in which all functions are integrated in a smart way and are intuitive to use. Our products invite people to create or experience music in a more beautiful way.

Customers of Grimm Audio are music lovers and sound engineering professionals who want to rely on this total clarity, since it offers them the possibility to create or experience the message of the artist in such a way that the listener is deeply touched.