Affordable, Beautiful, Made-in-USA Audio Components

When E.J. Sarmento left Cullen Circuits in 2007 to start Wyred 4 Sound, he carried with him a clear vision of what it takes for a company to be successful: a passion for great sound, an obsession for quality and the willingness to work long hours to get the job done right.

Combining these ideas with a hard-earned expertise in all areas of electronics manufacturing, Sarmento enlisted a small team of friends and colleagues to produce Wyred 4 Sound’s very first product: the 200s amplifier. It took only a few months and a few dozen orders for them to know their unswerving attention to detail and obsessive passion for quality would, indeed, make Wyred 4 Sound a success.

Through the years, Wyred 4 Sound has garnered multiple awards from top trade publications and industry experts. Equally important, fans from all over the world regularly reach out to the W4S team to say things like “simply beautiful,” “truly captivating” and “simply awestruck” about their experiences with Wyred 4 Sound products.

Those kinds of rewarding comments are what drive the Wyred 4 Sound team to continue following their mission: To produce great product at affordable prices that provide years of pleasure to their fellow music lovers. Please take a look at some expert reviews and browse our products.